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Answers to the most common questions

5. What happens to all the photos and videos taken?

Every client is given access to a drive folder which is included in the maintenence price. The client will have access to all footage, documents and information at any time. If client ever wishes to cease business relationship with WP, client will have two more weeks to download all their data to another site. 

6. Watermarks will be placed on each photo and or video, do I have to leave them there. ? 

To us, its all about respect. Will we ever sue you for sharing on social medial without it? NO. If you profit off the photos and do not give credit , then this may constitute in litigation. 

7. How do you quantify the expense of the website. ? 

The reason our websites are unique is because we incorperate such software like premier pro, after effects, lightroom, photoshop . envato and other 3rd party companies. All audio is licensed for our clients. We also have legal, print work, shot lists, possible script work, research and rotating expenses like equipment rental and SD card purchases. Each website package has a complimentary video ad that we use to promote your business. This inlcudes photos that we will use for BLOGs. This does not include the hours spent in post to create the site. 

Our websites start at only $2500. We collect 50% at start and the balance upon completion. 


1. Do I get access to website? Can I edit content, or do you all handle it all. ?

WP provides choices. We grant editor privileges and teach you how to edit your own site if you prefer. We can also handle the entire management aspect of the site while still getting approval for large changes For SEO and optimization, it's best to add vs subtract content. It's also vital to title all photos 

2. What if I decide to terminate the agreement. ? 

We do our best to keep you as an ongoing client but respect your wishes if you decide to leave. Thus far, we have not lost a client yet though. If you decide to cancel, we will give admin rights to you and give you access to your google drive folder long enough to transfer all the videos, photos and documents that had been done previously. 

3. Do I need a domain. ? 

We generally use GoDaddy for a domain provider. Client is responsible for domain fee which is about $30/year plus the website hosting fee which is about $30/month. WP doesn't get one penny extra for these services. 

4. What do you all charge and what does the FB maintenance   package  consist of?

Our Wolvpack Care package consists of

a. 1 blog to website /week using keywords to optimize website 

b. 1 post to FB with up to one targeted FB ad /month ( ad billed sep)

c. 1 post fo IG/week

d. 4 quarterly vlogs of 2 min each to be used on social media ($2k value) 

All for less than $10/day   or $300/ month

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