Anyone now a days has a drone. They believe that they can put it in the air and start making videos to sell from it. Here are some suggestions when your looking for a drone pilot for your next production:

1. do  they have a license ?

2. can they do seamless and smooth video productions?

3. do they have a website that you can see some of their work?

4. do they have the know how to put the recorded video or photo into a software based edit program?

5. Can they turn a job around in less than 48 hours?

6. Do they understand raw, histograms, FPS, aperture and can shoot in 4K?

And last , can they fly a drone through a car window, a house front to back door, tent or better yet.....through the friendship sculpture downtown san antonio? help you save time...wolverine productions drone pilots do and can to all above !

"why we are proclaimed the best drone pilots in texas "