Marcello Perez, CEO

Founder, Producer, Photographer, Editor Cinematographer, 

Johnny Nguyen

Producer, Photographer, VIdeograher, Drone Pilot, 

Savannah Perez

Marketing Director

Dohn D. Hubley.       

Producer, Director,


Richard Z. Rodriguez

Business Manager, Associate Producer, Editor, Line Producer

Jose Carillio

Digital video animator, social media


Social media and Digital Marketing

     Wolverine Productions started in December of 2019. What started out as some cool shots in slow motion with a GoPro, has now grown into a fully operational multi media company. 

      The "WOLV PACK"  (as we like to refer to it) started with a vision. In this world filled with those who are only in the industry for themselves, these men and women do it to help their community prosper. 

     It comes as no surprise that Marcello Perez has created a new BENCH MARK for this industry. His drive and motivation has become contagious. If there is a will, there is a way .

     Most of the members of this WOLV PACK are VETERANS and PATRIOTS to our Nation. For this, respect, professionalism and the honored promises are as solid as the stones that created THE ALAMO which hold true to this day. 

     What separates this company from all the rest is that each client is treated as  family.

     Under GOD, Wolverine Productions is able to deliver professional grade photos and video productions at an affordable price. Their only success is the clients success.